Interview Questions


Recently I interviewed with a few Silicon Valley companies, and got some really fun interview experience. I’ve interviewed many places before, including the NSA, but in this round I had some of my favorite interview questions yet. I got asked more than once what types of questions I was asked at a lot of these companies, so I figured I would blog about it. In the interest of privacy I won’t mention the companies I […]


Download one at a time, NO!


So I was looking for some audio files for Link to the Past, and I finally found a list of all the files. Unfortunately they were like “oh, by the way you can only download one at a time by clicking the link”. So I was like, “fuck you” and did the following: I opened up firebug and noticed they used jQuery on their page, so i ran the following and got an array of […]


The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the FUTURE – Part 2


See part 1 here Week 2 of this project and things are moving along nicely! You can see that I have actually made some progress: The player can move around the entire world, but you can’t quite interact with anything. The next step is to get world collisions, entity collisions, and entity interactions (picking up a bush, cutting a bush, etc) working. Unfortunately in order to get world collisions working I will have to step […]


The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the FUTURE – Part 1

Zelda - A Link to the Past

I think I finally decided what project I want to work on. As a cool “it can be done” project I plan to recreated The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past from Nintendo in the browser. I do want you to realize that I don’t mean a port, I don’t mean converting the ROM, I don’t mean using an emulator; I mean rewriting the entire game from scratch in JavaScript. As such I […]


Node.js, FreeSWITCH, and mod_event_socket


Background Recently I had been tasked with learning more about Telephony and FreeSWITCH; specifically how to send/receive text messages. After reading around on the FreeSWITCH Wiki I found a module in FreeSWITCH called mod_event_socket. This module allows programs to connect to FreeSWITCH via a TCP Socket API and control FreeSWITCH. The big benefit here being is that you can listen for events coming through and apply logic and perform actions that maybe a dialplan can’t […]


Node.js Binary HTTP Streams


Recently I implemented a app in Node.js that served statistics data to remote relays. I decided to roll with HTTP keep it simple. Using expressjs I quickly threw up my server, and found that express allows you to pass a buffer as the response. Here is something like what I did: